Patients with chronic renal failure have to go through helmodialysis process, which is an artificial kidney. This process needs high quality conditions, such as convenient and compatible dialysis membranes and sterile high quality water for dialysis. Some of the membranes have vitamine E linked to their molecular structure which is intended to bring an anti-oxydant property against harmful oxidative stress conditions of the hemodialysis process itself. A lot of hemodialysis patients have an abnormal blood lipid profile (high cholesterol, high triglycerides) which is a high risk for their cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems. In this line of improving hemodialysis conditions and patient’s risk factors, GRETHA researchers have carried out several clinical studies on hemodialysis patients, so that the idea behind, is to bring to the patient’s body a good boost of anti-oxydant molecules (those present in argan oil such as vitamine E, polyphenols, carotenoïds, melatonine, CoenzymeQ10 ….) and a way to improve the level of blood lipids of the patients, through the molecules (oleic acid, phytostérols) that are present in argan oil. Some of these health benefits of argan oil consumption are summerized in the next published articles by GRETHA researchers.

Argane oil on HD patients

Argan oil on dyslipidemic HD patients

ARGANE OIL therapeutic potentials (2)