In Morocco, for many centuries, Argan oil was used in food, and also in traditional medicine to treat joint pain, skin diseases and other health issues. Until recently, clinical studies on argan oil were very scarce. That is the main reason why GRETHA decided to conduct clinical studies with argan oil on an evidence based medicine manner, in order to unravel the health benefits of argan oil consumption . Here below are some published data on the benefits of argan oil consumption on knee pain and functional abilities in patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis, and also, in the same group of patients that also have metabolic syndrome, argan oil proved to be very efficacious in improving several of the parameters of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is not a disease, but it is a situation where at least three of the following physical and biochemical factors are present (high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high blood triglyceride levels, low good cholesterol (HDLc) and obesity), and these parameters are usually the triggers of many illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, brain diseases, vision issues and many other health complications.

Argan oil on MetS in OA patients

Argan Oil on osteoarthritis

ARGANE OIL therapeutic potentials (2)