The brain activity is very influenced by the general metabolism of our organism. One of the brain associated pathologies is mild cognitive impairement and memory loss, that seems to involve oxygen free radicals and some kind of cholesterol associated molecules.

It is known that chronic renal failure and mainly hemodialysis therapy are associated with serious  defects of brain functions, such as the cognitive function and memory ability. It is believed that uremia and harmful oxidative stress to the brain tissues are behind  cognitive impairment and memory loss. When the best technical conditions for hemodialysis are used, and a good diet program is followed by the patients, this will make them  suffer less from the side effect of the long hemodialysis process.

GRETHA researchers, have started a project of investigating the possible health benefits of argan oil consumption on memory loss and mild cognitive impairment in hemodialysis patients. The rational of this treatment is the chemical composition of argan oil, which is a real cocktail of ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, such as oleic and linoleic acids, vitamine E, phytosterols, polyphenols, melatonine, Coenzyme Q10, carotenoïds ….

ARGANE OIL therapeutic potentials (2)