Diabetic retinopathy and other metabolic syndrome associated vision loss are a debilitating pathologies where glucose metabolism and also lipid metabolism play a kee role. It is also known that oxidative stress or what is called oxygen free radical attack to many molecular and cellular structure of the eye lead to vision loss. Some of the main clinical studies on vision issues have used antioxydant molecules (vitamine E, zyxanthin …), though these studies did not give a clearcut result on using antioxydant molecules to treat vision issues. GRETHA researchers have set a clinical project on diabetis and metabolic syndrome -associated vision loss, in the frame of the general project on argan oil health benefits. The rational of these studies are the chemical composition of argan oil, that is rich in many pigments and anti-oxydant molecules that could play a role as a real cocktail of active ingredients tu help improve the vision loss induced by harmful glucose and lipid metabolism and oxidative stress.


ARGANE OIL therapeutic potentials (2)